100WC Broken Green Swimming Cat Lifted

It was the first day of summer and I wanted to go swimming but the water was all green and murky. I went to the garage to find the cleaner and lifted a cage while doing so, I found a cat with a broken paw. I took the cat inside and asked mum if I could keep it, she said yes. I put it in the water,The most unusual thing happened it came out looking like an  alien and it could only get bigger by eating broken tiles, tiles with fish on them to be exact. and at the worst time ever it turned my pool into a skateboard track.



I was strolling in the park and I found an iron cloak. I looked into the hood and saw a swirling dark mist. A chill ran down my spine. The mist blew out and swarmed over me. It wasn’t long before I realised that I was turning into a dark spirit. I have to tell you I seriously looked so ugly and almost fainted. there was a random family eating Spanish doughnuts A.K.A churros I went over and asked if I could have one because I was starving. one look and one photo got me a threat to human and famous.

spelling term4 week1












Endeavour: verb      To make an effort or strive for wins.                     I endeavour to win my basketball games. ,people can endeavour while doing work.

Microbiologist: noun

Meteorologist: noun weather and climate conditions. , we have weather reporters.

Metallurgist: noun       The scientific way to heat metals and get  them to the size you want.

Physicist: noun

Geophysics: noun

Seismology: noun      The study of earthquakes and there occurrence.

Climatologist: noun   A Climatologist is someone that study’s climate conditions.

Laboratory: noun      The place were scientists do there work and study.              we have been to the GTAC laboratory.  ,scientists work in laboratorys.