Maths Mate Sheet 8 Q. 23

Strategy used: Guess and check

For question 23, I had to choose which number from 1-6 that with repeated rolls of a dice would get me from S to F in the least amount of rolls.  Between S and F there’s 20 numbers but it is a game of snakes and ladders so you had to take  this into account. 

I realised that the number had to be even as there was only one snake on an even number.

I thought that 6 was the correct answer but I realised that it landed on a snake which took you back to number 1 so needed more rolls than other numbers. Then I tried 4 becuase thats a second even number but that also landed on the only snake on an even number. So I tried 2 and found that it dodged all the snakes, and used 2 ladders so it only needed 5 rolls.  This was the lowest number of rolls compared to the other numbers.

100wc Week 38 …but it was far too hot…

…but it was far too hot…

“Is everyone ready to go to Brazil?” asked the pilot. Jack had been waiting a long time to go to Brazil.  He was going to watch Brazil play against Argentina  in the FIFA  World Cup. The day of the game finally came.  Messi scored 2 goals before being red carded off for Argentina, while Brazil only scored 1 goal. After the game Jack went to play soccer with his friend Leonardo, but it was far too hot to play, so they went to get an ice cream.  Lemon gelati, just the thing on a hot day!



spelling week 8


Recycling- The process of  reusing things such as glass, aluminium, plastic and paper.

Comprehension- to Understand the meaning of a text.

Cooperative- Working together for a common porpoise.

Molecular- The composition or structure of molecules that makes something.

Desalination- it is the process where salt is extracted from water to get drinkable water. (sea water).


Recycling- verb

Comprehension- noun

cooperative – adj

Molecular- adj

Desalination- verb

ACT 3      Entertain

Bang! Ben knocked over a very special vase, as he ran crazily around the house while not being cooperative with his Mum . The stabilization of the vase on the pillar was not very good. Ben’s Mum was upset.  She thought that recycling the broken pieces of vase to make a new piece of art was the answer.




spelling week 9







ACT 1:

Corrosion- the process of deterioration or damage which occurs to metal, for example rust.

Impervious- to act like a barrier and not let things through

Permeable- a layer which allows particles to pass through (opposite to impervious)

Oxidation- when a substance combines with oxygen and changes in appearance (eg iron reacts to oxygen by rusting)

Galvanizing-  To protect steel items from corroding by coating with a protective layer of zinc.

ACT 2:


Impervious- adjective

Permeable- adjective


Galvanizing- verb

ACT 3:

She’s got a spiral staircase in her very large house.

He’s so uncool and unattractive.

Thomas and James’s basketballs hit the ring simultaneously at training.

Due to corrosion, Dad’s tools had gone all rusty.

The spelling homework for the grade 5’s & 6’s include the word galvanising.


100WC – Week 37, …but that’s what happens in Brazil when…

It was the day that every soccer fan had been waiting for – Friday the 13th of June 2014 and the first game to open the FIFA World Cup between Brazil and Croatia.  Most of the crowd was a sea of green, yellow and blue, but that’s what happens in Brazil when you are the host nation.  You have the whole crowd behind you.  Croatia kicked the first goal, but the Brazilians came back to win in a stunning 3 – 1 victory.  The Brazilian crowd loved it.  I too enjoyed the victory from the comfort of my lounge room armchair,  hundreds of miles away.





Maths Mate M.M term 2 sheet 7 Q23

Q. 23

Jack’s car can travel 15 kilometres per litre of petrol. He leaves Dubbo with 30 litres of petrol in his car and drives towards Maitland. Which town will he be closest to when he runs out of petrol?

For question 23 I worked out that 15 x 30 =450. That means that Jack can travel 450km with the 30 litres of petrol.   Next  I added the distances between cities. 200, 150 and 100. I got 450km,  so I knew that Singleton should be the answer.


100 word challenge week 36 – photo

Crash! Splat! Bang! The very rare Cadburian egg artefact, dating back to 1888, had been knocked off its stand during a hi-tech robbery. What was once a valuable piece of Australian chocolate history, was now simply a sticky mess on the Blue Velvet Museum floor. Workmen put witches hats around what remained of the egg, while they waited for the forensic police to arrive to investigate the crime scene. The workmen were tempted to try the egg, but they could not stand the stench coming from inside the preastoric relic.   It’s hard to believe something so smelly could be so special.

spelling week 7

Chromotography- the technique of separating and analysing the components of a mixture.

Filtration- the process of passing liquid through a filter.

Distillation- the purification or concentration of a substance.

Evaporation- the change from liquid to gas.

Hydrochloric- the colourless or slightly yellow aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride.

unimpressive- having the ability to impress the mind

vital-having remarkable energy, liveliness

rummaged- to search thoroughly or actively search through something

shrieked- to utter a loud, sharp, shrill cry, as birds.

mockery-   imitation, especially of a ridiculous or unsatisfactory kind


Chromotography- Noun

Filtration- Noun

Distillation- Noun

Evaporation- Noun

Hydrochloric- adjective

unimpressivridicule, contempt, or derisione- adjective

rummaged-  verb

shrieked- verb

vital- adjective

mockery- noun

Act 3

Using the slow process of filtration, drip coffee is made. (it)

Evaporation is when liquids turn into gas. (it)

You use distillation to make wine. (it)

Chromotography is a method used for separating the parts of a mixture. (it)

The use of mockery is an unsatisfactory behaviour.  (it)




100 Word Challenge Week 35

… Gateway   Cold   Running   Black   Friend…


As I was running toward the gateway of the dock,  I called out to my friend who was already boarding the ship. The breeze coming off the water was as cold as could be,  and took my breath away.  He couldn’t hear me.  I looked at the water as I was climbing the ramp.  It was so dark and deep.  The sea looked as black as Batman’s suit.  I was looking forward to sailing to the tropical island where the sea would be bright blue and shallow.  I was really looking forward to my holiday.