100WC week #34 …but where could I go…

As I ran down a very long street, I came to a dead end.  The Boggle was after me, but were could I go?  I was trapped!   The Boggle was a slow moving creature, but it felt like it was approaching me fast.  I didn’t have much time to escape.  then I looked down and spotted a lid of a sewer drain.  It was my only way out.  I pulled open the lid, took a deep breath and blocked my nose, as I jumped down into the slimy, dark pit below.  I had escaped but I was wet and smelly!









Activity 1:

Write your own definitions of the 5 list words I have given you. Use an example in each definition.

helium- a chemical element of the gas family

Eg – Helium filled balloons fly or float

Viscosity – this tells us how runny or thick and sticky a liquid is

Eg I like the viscosity of honey

Hydrogen – a colourless, odourless, flammable gas

Eg – Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table

Composition – what something is made up of

Eg: The composition of a basketball is rubber and leather

Experiment – the scientific way of working something out or investigating – predicting/hypothesising

Eg: Lets do an experiment to see if pigs really do fly!

My words






Activity 2:

Write a paragraph that explains what you know about the four states of matter. Try to use as many of your list words as possible. Underline your list words.

The four states of matter are solid, liquid, gas and plasma.  We can do experiments to investigate the changes in these states. I know that the particles in a solid are tightly packed together and that a solid has a definite shape.  The particles in a liquid are loosely packed and the particles in a gas are very loosely packed.  Hydrogen and helium are examples of a gas.  A liquid can be described by it’s viscosity, while gas particles move freely.  Plasma is in hot things like the sun and stars, but not in things like boiled water.  It is similar to gas but the particles are charged.





100 WC – Week 32 …some of the words sounded like a foreign language…

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language…

I was at Melbourne Airport, getting ready to board an aeroplane to Hollywood.  As I got my boarding pass ready, I could hear someone telling a group of travellers lots of information about the plane we were about to board.  It all sounded very high tech and some of the words sounded like a foreign language, which I couldn’t understand.  I didn’t hear all of what the man was saying but it was enough to make me nervous.  Did I really hear him say it was like the missing Malaysian Airlines jet?


100 WC – Week 31

“It has actually worked!”yelled Mat with excitement.  After months of trials the Zoober 2000 had actually worked.  Mat and Tom were going to be millionaires when this got out!  They had finally managed to fine tune their invention.  The Zoober 2000 could make things grow to 1000 times their actual size.  After lots of experiments it had finally worked.  As they were busy recording their results their focus moved to the size of their subjects giant stinger.  If this bee stung them, they were goners!  Tom had to carefully try and remove the stinger.  This may not end well – it could be deadly.




100 Word Challenge Week 30 … and when I opened the cupboard door …



The other day I snuck into my brothers room and went straight to his stash of treats which were in his cupboard, and when I opened the cupboard door out tumbled all his 50 basketballs. Mum would burst if she saw this ocean of flowing basketballs. I had to do some thing fast or I would not be receiving my new book. My first solution was to try and stuff them back in the cupboard, but somehow the balls kept multiplying. I needed some help! Maybe if I called for reinforcements I could solve the problem but then I would miss out on a treat.