Spelling – Week 5











Activity 1

Roll and role

“Roll” can be used as an action verb
A “role” is someone’s job or position.
Vice and vice
Immoral or wicked behaviour
Next in rank, deputy
Won and one
Won-  to win something
One- a number 1, singular
Council and counsel
Council – deliberative body
Counsel – think or talk over what is to be done, to give advice
Lie and lie
To make a false statement, to tell an untruth
To lie down, assume a horizontal position
Tear and tear
To pull apart, rip
A droplet from the eye that shows emotion
Activity 2
Power:the ability to direct others
Care:protection of someone or something
House:something you live in
Lower:less higher in position
Upper:above ground
Activity 3
The ___Mayor____ (mare, Mayor) of our local ____council___________(council, counsel) has approved a project to build a ______road_________(road, rode)through a local park. My mother wrote __to_______________(too, to) our local member to say the  __________rights____________(rights, writes, rites) of children had been denied. As a ______tax______ (tacks, tax)payer she felt she  had to have her say as did many other people who also _________sent________________( sent, scent, cent) their objections through the _______ mail_______( male, mail). The _________ road__________(rode, road) has been ________allowed______(allowed, aloud) to go ahead anyway. The ____council___________(council, counsel) __________________(won, one).

100Wc week #

As I pushed through the earth I discovered something shiny. I thought it might be some old bottle caps.    I looked down the hole, trying to get closer, to see if I could tell what these objects actually were.  The small hole I’d dug became gigantic as I fell in. I thought I was going to die.

But then I landed on a sloped surface. I rolled down this hill faster than a racing car, and I landed on a huge branch sticking out of the downward slope.  I hung on as tight as I could, because if I’d let go I would’ve landed in a burning pool of lava.



One of the People’s Choice awards was given to a researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine, Lydia-Marie Joubert, for an illustration Human Hand controlling Bacterial Biofilms, which uses a novel biofilm imaging technique to show the growth of bacteria, at 400 times normal resolution, in the dark-grey fingers and palm of a hand sculpture. The visual conveys how microbes persevere, even after repeated antimicrobial treatment.

Term 1 week 5 sheet 2

Question 22:

I read in the question that the hurdles are 10m apart.  But the example said that for a 60m race there was only 5 hurdles, which means that there isn’t one at the start or the finish. 

So the formula looks like this:                        

 Distance of race, divided by 10, minus 1 (because there isn’t a hurdle at the end)=number of hurdles 

   So for a 100m race:

  (100 divided by 10) minus 1=9

You can draw a picture to help you as well.  But the good thing about a formula is you can use much bigger numbers or distances.

100wc – Week # 22

A light shone bright from a weird looking castle surrounded by trees.  The castle looked enchanted.  It was lit up like a crystal ball.    I could hardly see where I was going as I walked slowly up the path toward the creaky iron gates.  As I got closer I saw it was lit up on the outside, but only as bright as torchlight on the inside.  I had butterflies in my tummy and I thought about turning back, but I couldn’t let my friends down as we were going on this magnificent adventure together.  Soon we would know what would be beyond the gates of Torchwood.

100 WC – Week #21- … meetings were held across the country to find an answer…..

… meetings were held across the country to find an answer…..

Meetings were held across the country to find an answer to why some swimmers are faster than others.  Is it because some wear swimming caps and some don’t?  Or is it because some are heavy and some aren’t?  Is the water sometimes too hot or too cold?  Are some swimmers stronger than others? Do some swimmers swim with their fingers apart or do they swim with their fingers together to pull them through the water?  Maybe some were faster than others because they train harder.  The result of the meeting was that the real answer will never be known.